Welcome to Rocky Point Centre's Recycling Program!  We have designed this program for its ease of administration and participation.

The program outline is as follows: 

Each desk-side trash container is an office waste paper recycling unit (notebook paper, brochures, envelopes, newspaper, receipts, message pads, even an occasional staple or paper clip is OK). Each break room area trash container is an “all other waste” non-recycling unit (food, Styrofoam, plastic, wood, and metal).  An exception to this would be an aluminum can recycling unit within your break area. Each individual is urged to discard waste material in appropriate containers.  If in doubt, throw it out in the “all other waste” container within your break area.  Also, when eating at your desk, please remember to get up and discard the remains in the “all other waste” container (this includes Styrofoam cups).  Empty cardboard boxes should be placed next to the “all other waste” container.

The advantages of participating in an office recycling program are 1) environmental issues e.g. reducing destruction of paper producing trees and lessening dump site areas; 2) reduction of waste removal costs which savings are passed on to you, the

We appreciate your concern and participation in our program, and should you have further questions, please contact our office.