Active Shooter


  • Paramount in any situation that involves a live shooter is the safety of the building staff and the tenants in the building.
  • Limiting the number of targets for the shooter is 


  • Evacuation is NOT recommended.
  • Calling 911 is the most important step in this situation. The more calls that are made from the same location, the more likely that the Police will arrive quickly. All staff members should try to call.
  • Once the Police enter the property they will take over.
  • The Active Shooter procedures are to be reviewed annually and shared with the tenants.

Active Shooter in the Building

  1. If it is safe to do so, any member of the building staff or security should make an announcement over the fire system announcer or building “all call system” stating: “An armed intruder is in the building. Lock down your office with all your employees and visitors inside, move away from the interior windows  and do not allow ANYONE to enter until notified by the Police that the  situation is resolved.”
  2. All employees with knowledge of shooter location, description or any other information are to call 911 immediately, inform Police we have an incident occurring currently at the building and the information you have on the situation.
  3. Management team, engineering, day staff & security should move to safety, and lock doors. If a building staff member happens to lock down within a tenant space, they should refrain from discussing radio traffic/the incident with tenants.
  4. If able, continue to send email notices to tenants with updates or instructions to stay locked down.
  5. Roll call (via 2-way radio) or text message of building staff, noting locations. Most senior staff person should conduct the roll call.
  6. Once the incident is over, report in to Property Manager, assess the situation and begin the process to work together to resolve. (See below for further instructions.)

Active Shooter in Tenant Suite

  1. Tenant will need to call 911, if able.
  2. If the tenant contacts the Property Management office, obtain description of suspect if able. Property Management personnel should ask reporting Tenant for details about the suspect: race, sex, clothing description, location on floor, whether there are one or more weapons present.
  3. Should the situation turn to active shooter, follow steps above.

When calling 911

When you call 911 identify your exact location. Remain calm and answer the operator's questions.
You will be asked questions such as:

  1. What exactly is happening and how do you know? Is it still happening now?
  2. Where is the suspect now? What was his/her last known direction? Is the suspect still at that location?
  3. Is anyone injured? Are there wounded and how many?
  4. Where did it happen? What's the specific location of occurrence?
  5. What weapons were used if you know? Knowing the number and types of weapons will assist the police in their response. Describe the weapon(s) or other dangerous object(s) if possible, and any visible ammunition.
  6. Were any shots fired? Describe the sound and the number of shots fired.
  7. Do you know who the suspect(s) is? If yes, identify him/her/them, and provide any background knowledge you may have.
  8. Stay on the phone only if it is safe to do so.

When it is safe

  1. Property Manager (or senior building staff person) is to contact Asset Manager to report the situation.

  2. Ask Asset Manager to get you in touch with Parmenter’s Communications department so that we can relay this to the media. DO NOT speak directly to the media other than to direct them to our in-house Director of Corporate Communications.

  3. All building staff to report to the Property Manager with status.

  4. As much as possible, work with Police and Medical personnel to determine what needs to be done and gather information.

  5. Property Manager and team are to evaluate property for damage and begin to work through how to resolve.

  6. Gather as much information as you can about injured persons, what caused shooter to target persons, tenant or building, and document any property damage.

  7. As soon as possible, document as much as possible into an incident report. Provide photographs, detail factual accounts and status of the property and persons.


Document all incidents at your property using the Accident Claim Form available in the Procedures Manuel. Include all factual information and detailed photographs. If there is an incident that you are not sure whether to report to insurance, contact your Asset Manager, VP of Finance or General Counsel, who will help you analyze the situation. For occurrences that you do not view as a claim, write “For Report Only” on the form prior to sending it in. File the Accident Claim Form with appropriate parties (AM, VP Finance, General Counsel, Regional COO, & Insurance Agent). Please refer to the Procedures Manuel for additional information.

Press Inquiries

Never make statements to newspapers, radio or television news about any incident at the property. Only the Regional Managing Principal, the Communication Manager or the assigned media person for the region may speak to the press.

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