Elevator Malfunction


Push BELL button

Listen for assistance and information over intercom


Don’t panic. The worst that will happen is a short delay.

Elevator Emergencies

Elevators are one of the safest modes of transportation. However, on occasion they do malfunction due to sophisticated controls. In case of an elevator emergency:

Press the alarm bell to notify elevator monitoring company.

If the elevator stops between floors and the door opens, stay in the car. Do not climb out or jump to the floor below. Do not try to pry open the doors; it may cause other damage to the equipment that could prolong the emergency.

Stay calm and wait for help to arrive. If the emergency lasts an extended period of time, sit on the floor and either look up or ahead so you will feel less confined.

After the incident, follow up on details of the occurrence with the Management Office (813) 281-1110.